Art at the Loft October 2017

In October we welcome Paul A. Rolfes to the Loft of Missoula


Paul A. Rolfes is an American born, native Bozeman, resident, a humble peasant. Although he began drawing at a younger age, he only pursued painting oils seriously and to flourish as an expressionist and in indulgence upon moving suddenly to the Twin Cities, a long shot for a kid, but about immersion into foreign territory. Flung himself into a street, and the business of art, just as he would when leaving the United States of America for our flagged neighbor, an ancient history of Warriors, Paul even saw them, those Terra Cotta Soldiers. Pretty nice. Hopefully, Paul, would paint his way into emergence or either spark up and soak in urban/art venues, like gathering tools out of a box looking for a pen but cutting on a razor’s edge. Tools of the trade. After a powerful & prolific pitch in the career of arts, turning to the cities seemed to lead true.
When exhibitions, sales and curating for numerous shows and exhibitions seemed to happen without a good notice, both his talents of creation and exhibition flourished. He would meet many inspiring artists. groups, traders, and Galleries turned artists themselves. Not to forget the musicians along his ride. we would soon meet.
In the summer 2014 he moved back to Bozeman, his hometown. He currently resides in Helena, where he has further expanded his repertoire with ink drawings.
While he continues to experiment and produce visual images and artistic pieces he furthers his interests in music production in current states, as-along-side-two-dimensional forecasts.