Missoula Fringe Festival

Missoula Fringe Festival 2013 is Missoula’s first annual performance arts festival. Continuing the Fringe legacy that began in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1947 (Edinburgh Fringe Festival), the Missoula Fringe Festival will celebrate and honor alternative theater in various venues throughout Missoula, August 15 – 17th, 2013. This year’s Missoula Fringe Festival will be focusing on helping the arts community grow and showcasing Missoula as a venue for artists to perform.


5-5:45 Dean McCollom for Mayor

6-6:45 Story Keepers with Susie Risho

7-7:30 77 Day Siege of Khe Sahn, one man’s account

7:45-8:45 David Kates and Sheryl Noethe poetry readings

9-10 Mike Bader Bearjam

10:15-11:15 Carla Green Jazz with friends

11:30-12:30 Chris Pumphrey jam

12:30-1:15 Formally Known As, 6 piece jam band