Members Manual

Members Lockers

Each member is assigned a minimum of 1 small secure locker in the wine cave. These lockers can be used to store your favorite bottle of wine or maybe your favorite Wii games or just some snack food for those late night work sessions. The wine cave is climate controlled to help for optimal wine storage.

Scheduling Reservations
Members are requested to place all reservation requests by e-mail, at least 24 in advance but preferably 7 days in advance of any reservation.

Event Cancellation
At anytime a member doesn’t need the loft for a reserved time slot it is requested to e-mail a cancellation notice as soon as they realize they don’t need the time slot.

Free Times
Members are encouraged to stop by and use the Loft during unscheduled times. When the loft is not schedule, space is on a first come first serve basis, so if you have particular time you want a space for, it is recommended to fill out a time request.

There is a Gateway desktop computer for Member use, including web surfing, document editing or general business computing. Next to the computer is a all-in-one printer copier scanner fax for member use. Members are allowed to use the faxes for personal or light business use.