Art at the Loft – January

In January we welcome the photographers known collectively as Fine Grain Group.

The Fine Grain Group: For over thirty years, a small group of photographers calling themselves The Fine Grain Group has been meeting every 4-5 weeks to share work and to have their photographs discussed and evaluated.

For almost 20 years, the group has been led by Neil Chaput de Saintonge, owner of the nationally-renowned Rocky Mountain School of Photography here in Missoula. Some of the photographers whose work is on exhibit have been members of the Fine Grain Group for many years, others for only a year or two.

None is a professional photographer. Styles vary widely. Subject matter varies widely. They have nothing in common. They have everything in common. All members of The Fine Grain Group are committed to using photography to express beauty, to reflect the human experience, and to capture the fleeting moments of light and time that are found both in nature and in the human environment.

We hope you will discover that commitment in the photographs on exhibit here at the Loft.

Since they will be hung thru February, plan to visit us on First Friday in Feb to see the works and enjoy our space.