First Friday September 7th 2012

Show title:   Abstract Acrylic Mixed Medium


As a young child I can remember creating art and feeling inspired by it. Comments from family and friends that I was an “Artist” fueled the fire within me to continue my journey in art.

I have explored different mediums including oils, which turned out to be to “fussy” for me, and took forever to finish without ending up with mud. I have learned that I need an immediate or very spontaneous result with painting many times to feel a sense of release and peace during the creative process. Acrylic paint has given me that satisfaction and teaches me to respect it as a complex yet flexible medium to co create with. Some of my art includes paper and Swarovski crystals for added depth and interest.

Being gifted with a talent for color, lines, depth and imagination is now how I bring joy and content into my life and hopefully to the lives of those who view my art.  Enjoy~

Karen Bergman
Lolo, Montana