First Friday September 6th 2013

Artist’s Short Bio:
I never actually made a decision to become an artist, I was born this way. I don’t remember a time in my life when creativity wasn’t part of my day. I’ve always loved painting, but it has been put aside several times throughout my life for more pressing needs, like being a mom, supporting my family, and starting and running several businesses. While painting may not have been front and center, the creative process has always been there. I am a creator of many things, and art is just one of those things.

My husband Roger and I left the routine working world and moved to a one room, off-the-grid cabin in Michigan’s upper peninsula in 2000. While there, I jumped back into art – teaching, selling art through local galleries, and judging several local and national shows. I’ve shown my art in many juried shows, won several awards, and sold many paintings to clients throughout the US.

In 2007, we made an impromptu decision to move to Missoula to be with our daughter, son-in-law, and soon to arrive grandchildren. We bought another off-the-grid log cabin out in the Nine Mile valley. Immediately upon landing here, I began working on a business. By that fall, I had created The ART of Good Food, llc, a business using my art on regionally grown, locally produced, organic food products. The business was very successful as it incorporated visual art and good food, both important in the Missoula community. I sold this business at the end of 2011, when I retired to devote more time to grandchildren and painting.

I consider myself a practical painter. I believe that original art should be part of everyone’s living space. I paint subjects that appeal to home, family, and western Montana. Much of my work is in oil, but I also work in pastel and watercolor. I’m always open to new ideas and to experimenting with something new. I’m certain I will not stop learning and creating in this life.

Bitterroot - 72dpi