First Friday October 4th 2013

Living Art of Montana uses the arts and nature to support healing.
Imagination, creativity and expression are important tools for our
well-being. Throughout history the naked body has been covered and uncovered
according to cultural, practical, aesthetic, social, spiritual, religious
and scientific views of the times. This show celebrates imagination and a
renewed view of “nude.”

Participating artists:

Courtney Blazon
Monte Dolack
Mo Gary
Bev Glueckert
Steve Glueckert
Odette Grassi
Kristi Hager
Shari Montana
Lee Nye(photos from the collection of Toby Tobias Hunter)
Tom Quinn
Thomas Schworer
Kathleen Sheard
Karl Stein
Michelle Weaver-Knowles
Loryn Zerr

The Dance print by Odette Grassi