First Friday November 7th, 2014

Glory Lawson: “Lush” at The Loft of Missoula Friday November 7th 5-8PM

Next to people, my first love is paint. As a mostly abstract expressionist, I become deeply involved in the sense of play between the paint, myself and the surfaces I use. I seek to create problems for myself to solve in the beginning of every piece, often beginning a piece with unlikely, even garish color combinations, upon which I build layers of acrylic, oil paint, plaster, graphite, coffee, inks, pigment powders, oil sticks, fabrics, and whatever makes sense for the piece. My process is highly reliant upon spending still moments during which I study and “listen” to the nuances emerging within the painting to see what it may be “asking” for.
Dealing all along with the issues of emotional and physical abuse in human society and my belief in the constant existence of hope that can be found beyond these issues, I aim to create pieces that are breathtaking in their mysterious beauty and can bring the viewer a sense of joy and deep emotional richness.”

Bio: Glory Lawson is a non-traditional student currently pursuing a B.F.A. at the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana. Born in Salem, Oregon in 1974, she is a mother and painter and has recently illustrated her first children’s book, Talkin’ Bout Dinosaurs, in collaboration with local Missoula kids’ rock band, The Whizpops. Originally transplanted with her family to Missoula in 1989, Glory loves the outdoors and the closeness to nature that living in Missoula brings to her back door. As a (mostly) abstract expressionist painter, Glory is deeply inspired by the inner scenery of human emotions and how people interact, affect, and often inflict their perceived worlds upon each other. These ideas appear in her paintings as touches of the recognizable “human-made” world through artifacts like chairs, frayed string, and tables, and are often surrounded by colors found nowhere in nature. Her work has been exhibited in various group and juried shows in Missoula, such as the Gallery of Visual Art’s 19th Annual Juried Student Exhibition, the University Center Gallery’s The Blue Show Juried Exhibition, Missoula Cultural Council’s Last Best Solstice Group Exhibition at The Loft and its live painting event at Caras Park, among others. Glory is looking forward to her first solo show in November 2014 at the request of the Loft of Missoula, and is working on illustrating several other collaborative children’s books for future publication. Glory’s future aspirations include finding ways to bring art therapy at no cost to those harmed by abuse, trauma, and neglect.

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