First Friday March 7th 2014

Loft of Missoula is excited to present the interactive show: Through Your Eyes
featuring the works of Meyora
Friday March 7
5PM – 8PM
119 West Main

We can create and manifest anything we want, good and bad. This lesson has been instilled in me since I was small. We create our own reality and these pieces are apart of mine. I started painting my sophomore year of high school in Red Lodge, MT and discovered a passion within myself that has burned bright ever since. My work is abstract and influenced by my love of nature and wonder. My focus is on intuition. Intuition guides me through the colors and tools that I choose for each piece.

I want to give back what I have received and help others to reveal the creator within themselves. To help people to disregard their expectation and to help them open themselves to the infinite possibility within the arts. Anything is possible!

Growing up I had three last names and none of them ever resonated with me. Life is about creating yourself, so I took letters from each name and created my own. Meyora is my creation. The paintings may have been created by my hands and mind but they are meant for you. They are meant to spark a thought and create a smile. We can be and create anything we want. You create the titles. The meaning is within the feeling. Allow yourself to feel. You are the creator. The rest is left up to you::


The show is called, “Through Your Eyes” because for me it’s all about the observer and what they see. It’s not about me. I do not title my pieces because I like the infinite perception that it allows. People naturally see things differently and that should be embraced. When given that freedom, it allows for pure and raw thought. It creates a different connection to each piece. “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”-Henry David Thoreau