First Friday March 1st 2013

Show: “Creative Fusion”

Artists: M. Delight, Erinda S. Martin, Seth Martin, Tor Mortensen, Bridget Stoltz, and Xua Photezoemoe Ponzone

M. Delight’s stmt: Art has always been my favorite subject, which has led me to explore many mediums over the years: carving, basket-weaving, decoupage, journaling, scrapbooking, beading, collage, knitting, photography, and mosaics. In college I even experimented with digital media including Illustrator, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro. I finally discovered the visceral quality I’d been searching for when I began oil painting after I broke my knee in the spring of 2009. My interest in perception and interpretation led to my current art paradigm which focuses on an idea I’ve termed “Visual Texture.” My goal with Visual Texture is for the viewer to be able to FEEL the texture of the piece simply by looking at it.
michaela - Version 2

Artist Bio for S. Erinda Martin: Erinda is a young passionate life-artist carrying a wild spirit and a free mind. From her heritage and life experiences while growing up in fastly ever-changing environments, she has accumulated a multicultural background and creative thirst for life. She expresses her urge for creativity through different apparatus and mediums. One of them being photography, her love for it derives from her childhood memories and experiences when her father worked as a professional photographer using 35mm film and specializing in manual retouches and restorations of old photographic prints and capture lifetime moments. Erinda started out in the field of photography with 35mm film falling in her father’s footsteps, focusing in black and white darkroom photography. Soon she discovered and became fascinated by the boundless potential of digital SLR photography. She is captivated by the beauty of nature and the playfulness of the sunshine’s light, enthralling her to take breathtaking sunrise and sunset photos. Additionally she is likes to capture moments of silence and emotion, as well as abstract expression of the mixture of color, shadows, and texture.

Erinda S. Martin - Sample Work

Seth’s Statement: “I begin a drawing without any thought potential outcomes; the piece dictates it’s own essence. I am no story teller, each drawing uses me as a tool to tell its story. I may hold creative control over each individual shape, but the end result is beyond my control. ”

seth martin example

Tor Mortensen: I am originally from a small town on the coast of Oregon just outside of Tillamook. Both of my parents are foresters and this very nature-oriented upbringing has been a heavy influence on my art. My interest in art began with stencils and their ability to mass produce the same complex image. Recently that interest has led me to printmaking, sculpture, and metal casting. I have found that tactile mediums allow me a greater flexibility in the delivery of the message I’m trying to convey. Three dimensional work is constantly open for experimentation and this constant change and modification of ideas is one that I really enjoy. I have attended several iron casting conferences and workshops, including SLOSS as well as helping to host the 2010 Western Cast Iron Art Conference in Missoula, MT. I graduated from The University of Montana in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.
My work draws strongly from my love for my home in the Pacific Northwest and my passion for music in its many forms. Growing up on the coast, I developed at a young age a deep appreciation for the natural environment in which I found myself. The lengthy lifespans and lushness of the temperate rainforests fascinate me, as does the slow degeneration in the ever changing landscape. This appreciation for nature influences the themes I work with.
Another theme is music. Music generates a heavy influence on my creative mind. Vibrant symbolism, associations with individuals, space, and past experiences are an inherent part of music. These constantly peak my interest both as an artist and in my life as a whole. Music has amazing ability to directly affect its immediate surroundings. I make use of this in my art by often creating pieces that feature not just a visual element but an auditory one as well. This allows me to affect the viewer on multiple levels. My conversations with music and nature are constantly changing with the space around them; this is reflected in my ongoing work.

tor mortensen