First Friday January 2nd, 2015

Molly Buchanan at Loft of Missoula Friday January 2nd from 5-8PM
119 West Main Street, Missoula MT

Artist Bio: Molly Buchanan is a second year art student at the University of Montana. She works mostly in oil paints and charcoal.

Show title: “Wolves at the Door”
Show Description: The purpose of a title is to bring a little clarity or hint at the concept behind the artwork, however, I wasn’t thinking of a concept as I made each piece. Everything was made mostly for therapeutic reasons… “Wolves at the Door.”…I’ve had my share of obstacles and the art is a response to that. Creating these pieces helped reinsert the things in my life that make it worthwhile. It sometimes boils down to certain kinds of lighting, or textures, or the expression on someone’s face I find.