First Friday December 7th 2012

Hadley Ferguson Bio:

Hadley Ferguson is a prominent Montana artist who graduated from the
University of Montana in 1999 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.
After graduating Hadley moved to Portland Oregon and began work as an
artist. Two years later Hadley returned to Missoula, Montana and developed
a successful full-time business painting commissions for private and
public entities.

Hadley is Vice President of Summit for Parkinson’s, a group she co-founded
soon after she was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s in 2010.
Curently, as she works through the process of new challenges with
difficult changes to her diagnosis, she is grateful for the people she has
met in the Parkinson’s community and her support group of new friends. It
is because of these people that she is determined to continue to fight and
help others with this disease so they can have as many tools as possible
to help them live their lives to the fullest.

Website link to raffle and paintings images

Raffle Info:

This raffle offers the unique opportunity to help people with Parkinson’s
disease (PD), and their supporting families, who face healthcare
challenges in the rural communities of Montana. The funds raised will go
to the Montana-based Summit for Parkinson’s and their newly inaugurated
Parkinson’s Rural Initiative.

Many people in the Montana Parkinson’s community face the challenges of
living in rural areas with few accessible resources, high medical bills
with low incomes, and difficulties traveling to reach the nearest doctor,
support group, or physical therapy facility. This population is
underserved and Summit for Parkinson’s is taking on this challenge.

The Parkinson’s Rural Initiative, is designed to reach everyone regardless
of geographic location, through educational materials and conferences
accessible via the internet, DVDs and books. The materials will provide
people with tools, exercise routines and training methods that address
life skills to maximize their quality of life and time spent with loved
ones as they deal with the daily challenges of PD. Summit for Parkinson’s
long-term goal is to develop a model in Montana that can then be utilized
to serve the 20% of Americans with PD in rural communities throughout the
United States.

By purchasing tickets, you have the opportunity to win artwork by Nancy
Dunlop Cawdrey, Kira Fercho, Hadley Ferguson, Carol Hagan, Echo Ukrainetz,
Ron Ukrainetz and Paul Waldum. We want to thank you in advance for your
support and generosity.