First Friday December 5th, 2014

The Loft of Missoula Presents: Photographer Karmen Borchers December 5th 5-8PM at 119 West Main Downtown
Show Description:
This show explores cyanotypes and gum bichromate prints. While taking the time to work with some traditional methods of photography, I have learned that things don’t always go as planned. Some prints can take minutes while others days. These processes involve creating light sensitive emulsions that are used to coat paper. A high risk for error can make the experience taxing, but the highs far outweigh the lows. Experiencing the process is the ultimate reward.

Artist Bio:
Karmen Borchers lives in Missoula Montana. Born and raised in the vast and scenic Flathead Valley, Karmen is always looking to capture and share the beauty we have to offer. Currently in her third year in the University of Montana’s Fine Arts program, Karmen is exploring alternative photo processes.