First Friday April 6 2012

ARTIST BIO: Barry Thompson

Barry Thompson is a Artist and Art Director who lives and works in Missoula. He studied painting at the University of Montana; closely working with Mato, Don Bunse, and Mary Ann Bonjourni. In 2000, he received his MFA in the Media Arts at the U of M, where he has continued to teach as an adjunct professor.

Barry Thompson is also Founder of Barndance Inc., a creative motion design studio based out of Missoula. Barndance produces compelling visual designs for videos, independent films, documentaries, and entertainment. Barry recently finished work on First Ascent; a six part adventure television series produced by Sender films and sponsored by National Geographic. Working as the Creative Art Director, he designed the show’s overall look and feel, produced all animations, and crafted the final color finishing for the series. He has worked on many documentaries, including the award-winning independent film, I AM (2011) directed by Tom Shadyac, as well as,Red Gold (2007) directed by Travis Rummel and Ben Knight. He has also received numerous Mountain Film Awards for his work with Sender Films including; Banff Film Festival, International Mountaineering Film Festival, Graz International Film Festival, and Telluride Mountain Film Festival.

ARTIST BIO: Jason Gutzmer

Jason Gutzmer is a father, a husband, a traveler, but is best known as an educator and visual artist. Visual because most of the what he does you can look at, from a broad range of cinematography for both fiction and nonfiction, to painting constructions, performance art, public art installations to digital art and design. Jason’s enthusiasm for creating culture, art, and teaching have led him from the Rockies to the Amazon, where he taught classes and led workshops in diverse realms of art.

After receiving a BFA in Fine Arts and working in everything from dance to photography, but better known as a painter he left to work as an educator and performance artist in Latin America. In 1996 in Nicaragua he ended up holding a bounce for a documentary film and he was hooked. There in Latin America he began working in documentary films which after seven years led him back to academia to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts in Digital Cinema in Media Arts. In addition to working on many films as director of photography and producing much of his own work including a feature length nonfiction movie shot in 2006 in Brazil he also enjoys teaching courses at the University of Montana in Missoula in Experimental Documentary, Video Production, Digital Editing, and Digital Art and Design.

Jason’s credo… “get out of the box!”