First Friday April 5th 2013

Short Bio:
Jerry McGahan, 70, is a native Montanan and a retired beekeeper and lives with his wife in Arlee, Montana, where he writes short fiction and novels, gardens, and paints. One novel, A Condor Brings The Sun (Sierra Club Books), has been republished in Europe. He made a documentary film in South America featured in the National Geographic film-lecture series and shown on BBC in the “The World Around Us” series. He paints portraits, landscapes, and wildlife from settings all over the world. He has work featured in the fundraising auctions of the Missoula Museum of the Arts, the Yellowstone Art Museum, and the C.M. Russell Museum’s Masters In Miniature Exhibition and Sale. The Dana Gallery and other state venues have featured his work. Much of this can be seen on

Her Native Poise_1

Artist Statement:
I try to paint every day. I think of it like I do walking, which I also do every day. I am a hunter of beauty. I let it fall on me, then I mess with it.

Description of this show:
About thirty oil paintings feature scenes, animals, and/or people in Montana, West Africa, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Cuba, and India.