Art at the Loft – April

In April we welcome Akhilesh Boehmler. Here is a note from the artist describing the work.

Explorations in Knotwork

I have been creating knotwork since 2008.  Research upon traditional Celtic designs has inspired me to integrate base knots with contemporary and ancient sigils.  As time progresses my craft matures allowing me to challenge myself and evolve my process.  I am interested in how contrast interacts with the eye and I enjoy showing the purity of ink design.  Therefore all of my knotwork are displayed in black and white.  Each design is heavily drafted in pencil and refined till I am satisfied with the layout.  I then utilize Copic Multiliner Drafting Pens to complete the works.  Tools such as rulers, compass, and protractors are used in the pencil process.  All inking is done entirely freehand.